How to monitor and debug AppSync APIs | Lumigo
This post explores how you can use CloudWatch, X-Ray and Lumigo to help you monitor your AWS AppSync APIs and debug problems.
What alerts should you have for serverless applications? | Lumigo
This post discussed which alerts you should have set up for your serverless applications on AWS, including services such as Lambda, SQS, and API Gateway.
Hooray, We’re Cool! At least according to Gartner :) | Lumigo
Gartner has named Lumigo a cool vendor in its 2020 Cool Vendors in Performance Analysis for Cloud-Native Architectures report
Feature Spotlight: Insights | Lumigo
What is it? We added out of the box alerts for irregular behaviors. Lumigo Insights will trigger an alert the second it detects an irregularity with your functions ensuring you’ll know the second things start to go sideways. What problem does it solve? Applications and services go down all the time.…
5 reasons why you should use EventBridge instead of SNS | Lumigo
Lumigo Developer Advocate Yan Cui (TheBurningMonk) gives five reasons why you should consider using EventBridge over SNS for service integrations.
Essential Open Source Serverless Tools | Lumigo
The open source community has been a driving force behind serverless adoption. Check out our selection of the essential tools every serverless dev needs.
5 Tips for using AWS Serverless Application Model | Lumigo
AWS introduced the Serverless Application Model (SAM) to make it easier to build serverless apps. Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of AWS SAM
The best reason to use AWS DynamoDB streams | Lumigo
Compared with Kinesis Streams, AWS DynamoDB streams are mainly used with Lambda. Discover the key differences between Kinesis and DynamoDB streams
SQS and Lambda: the missing guide on failure modes | Lumigo
Using SQS with Lambda doesn’t always go smoothly. Discover the most common failure modes and how to deal with them
The other half of software: what lurks between business logic | Lumigo
Charlie Green lays out the growing problem of “surface area code” - the glue that binds our business logic together. Is it getting out of control? Read on to find out.
Are you ready for serverless development? | Lumigo
How is serverless development different? Software engineer Uri Parush shares the lessons he learned in the move to a 100% serverless company.
You are wrong about serverless vendor lock-in | Lumigo
AWS Hero Yan Cui argues that the risk of serverless vendor lock-in is nothing compared to the reward of getting to market before your competition.
Mono-Repo vs One-Per-Service | Lumigo
Whether serverless or microservices, one of the big questions is mono-repo or multi-repo. Here AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui runs through the pros and cons.
Canary Deployment with LaunchDarkly and AWS Lambda | Lumigo
AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui explores how well LaunchDarkly integrates with AWS Lambda for canary deployments.
Takeaways from Serverless Architecture Conference NL 2019 | Lumigo
Lumigo VP Product Avishai Shafir rounds up the biggest talking points from the Serverless Architecture Conference 2019, The Hague, Netherlands.
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