Have a great summer!

general Jul 20, 2021

School's out for summer, a great time to step back, relax, and recharge. Leisure time with friends and family and hopefully some sunny weather. So for the next couple of weeks, it will be quiet on Papers by Draftsman.

Draftsman is still a hobby project, which means work is not paused altogether. Work on Tracepaper will continue as is, which is when we feel like it 😉

We did arrive at an exciting milestone in the development of Tracepaper, version 4 of our generator is operational and deployed to the cloud. This means we now can incorporate the whole product in our iterative process instead of two detached islands of technology. Delano and I collaborated during two event-storming workshops in June where we had discussions regarding our domain, customer journeys, and the relevant events around those journeys. Service Design was a key aspect of those sessions and we mapped part of our domain with paper and tape. Which part? Well, the minimal set of functional concepts we need to get the MVP up and running. At the moment we are converting the paper and tape model into Draftsman Modeling Language (XML). A rough estimate, I think we have 65% for the Tracepaper back-end done right now and we are excited to start integrating the visual layer.

You will hear from us in September. For now, have a great summer and stay healthy!

Delano & Bo


Bo Hanssen

I've been a technology-agnostic developer since 2015.

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